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Videos, links, information, and general enthusiasm on all things Vocaloid and UTAU.

This is a community intended for the sharing of links, information, general enthusiasm and outright batshit squeeing on all things Vocaloid and/or UTAU. The community is at least nominally intended for the sharing and dissemination specifically of music videos; however, anything else related to the world of little singing robots is also acceptable. News, fandubs, fanfiction, artdumps, random notes, whatever. Your friendly mods are both extremely laid back and quite lazy, and as such are not going to come down on you too hard for posting about random little robot topic X or Y. If you wish to join us, do!

  1. Don't be too uptight; have a sense of humour.
    This is an important one.
  2. Have a little common sense.
    This is also an important one. We're all for dumb stuff and fun, just try to avoid spamming friendslists too hard and remember to put long posts at least partially behind a cut. Be nice to your fellow comm dudes, and relax.
  3. This community is not for icon posts, LJRP ads, or similar fluff.
    If unsure, PM one of the mods below or hit us up on chat.
  4. Breaking the rules may get you trolled or have mean things said about your icons.
    And don't think it'll just be the mods, either.
  5. Please put downloads behind a friends lock.
  6. Guideline: Please consider what you're posting, and whether you could make it a more content-filled post.
    As we get larger, we don't want to spam people with lots of little one-link posts where one megapost would do - it's clutter on people's friends lists and could be condensed. Unless it's something special, hilarious or fantastic, please try to pad your posts with multiple related links. Feel free to run it by us if nervous! We're nice! Honest!
  7. Guideline: Please try to link to the original sources wherever possible.
    This isn't a strict rule, more a preference - while linking to youtube is a-okay especially in case of translations or since-deleted videos, we'd much rather see view stats going to the original uploader. The sample code we tend to use for nicovideo linking is at the bottom of this post, if you want to steal it.

Posting and tagging is open to all members. A sense of humour is encouraged, because we still kind of feel like horrible people for getting into this fandom and could use the distraction ← (almost a year later, this is a lie, but the sense of humour is still highly encouraged). Please tag any collection of links with the 'linkdump' tag - try not to tag every specific song or producer, only those who repeatedly show up, because otherwise we'll clock 100 tags per week and LJ will start looking at us funny.

IRC Chat for the community at irc.lunarnet.org port 6667, channel #stupidsingingrobots. For a handy-dandy link to get onto IRC, just ask or check out this post. If you want to know how to get onto Nicovideo or download tracks for yourself, please see the links provided just below.

If in doubt about any of these rules, just PM one of us!

Registering for Nicovideo, saving tracks as mp3s and other helpful tools and resources.



If you're confused about this whole Vocaloid affair, you can find our series of guides and introductory posts at this page.



weekly_vocaloid → For all your Weekly Vocaloid Ranking needs, this is your community! Recently risen from the dead, every Monday this community will provide you with the contents of that week's ranking, closely followed by a post of MP3s for your delectation. Displaying the same voracious appetite for links and new releases that we do only more on time with less editorialising, not to mention with less sucky translations, it's a wonder you're even still here.

utattemita → Does what it says on the tin. This is the place you want to go for anything and everything nicosinger-related. Bringing you the latest news, videos, super shiny downloads, and all sorts of pointers on how to better stalk and squeal over our magical internet idols.

[community profile] ofurotaimu → A community dedicated entirely to provide links, news, and recs on everything Vocaloid and utattemita. [personal profile] fascinates does an outstanding job at covering the weekly rankings, posts dedicated to specific singers and producers, and keeping up with CD releases and fandom news. A great comm for those of us who also hang out on DW.



Stel (oftendistracted) is far too old to be invested in an internet meme like this one, but he's also far too old to like overly poppy perky songs and that doesn't seem to stop him one jot. Possibly the most orz about liking vocaloids, he's also the one who posts the most so either one is cancelling the other out or he's applying more irony than every foundry in the world. His song selections tend to favour the poppy with a sideline into orchestral and the lighter less thrashy rock, but his weakness is classical: anything with a piano or a jaunty woodwind is probably going to be a must-have. Having previously reviewed for the stars (or at least several online publications), he now keeps up a string of overly wordy mini-reviews on his personal journal when not raging and ranting at his native England.

Desu (dosetsu), who fought bravely, tooth and nail, to avoid being sucked down into this seedy fandom underbelly!! But he failed, and here he is. He should've really known he was doomed from the moment he started looking for fanart. A man of wealth and taste--well, taste--well, nevermind--his likes include pina coladas, getting caught out in the rain, and singing robots singing songs about their dead lovers. Favorite Vocaloids include Luka, Gumi, and Miku, though really he'll listen to just about anything.



Nicovideo: Replace the bold as appropriate.
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