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~English/Spanish Linkdump

Hi! I really love the English Vocaloids (and the Spanish ones as well), but songs by them can be hard to find or easy to overlook. So I thought I'd post a linkdump of stuff I've found that I like so far! There tend to be a lot of covers from the English/Spanish side of things, but there are original songs out there too if you look, haha.

This linkdump will include songs by Clara, Bruno, Lola, Leon, Miriam, Big Al, Sweet Ann, Sonika, Prima, Oliver... pretty much everyone, even a bit of SeeU. Except poor Tonio, it's so hard to find people who can use him properly. I'll try to list original songs first, then go into covers and the like.

Más que Nada (CYO Style, Clara)
A nice smooth ballad with a midrange Clara that avoids the nasal twinge she can get sometimes. CYO Style has another song with Clara and Bruno I'll link to in a second and has mentioned wanting to do an album with/featuring them, so I'd keep an eye on them as a Spanish producer.


【Bruno & Clara】 Ft. CYO Style - ¿Quieres ser mi Novia? (Original Version)
¿Quieres ser mi Novia? (CYO Style, Bruno + Clara)
A sweet pop duet with Bruno and Clara. I just love Bruno's voice, and they both sound very smooth here, although Clara does get a little of that nasal twinge every now and then.

[Vocaloid Miriam] Blue + mp3
Blue (Puffihn, Miriam)
Puffihn's an original song producer who focuses primarily on Miriam. This is a sort of echoey, layered electropop song that works well with Miriam's soft vocals. You might need to focus on her sung verses to understand her, but she's fairly clear considering she's a V1.

SONiKA 「Repeat II」 Original Song
Repeat II (CircusP, Sonika)
An upbeat dance song with a pretty understandable Sonika, all things considered. Has a lot of energy and some fun breakdowns around the chorus.

SOMETIME : VOCALOID3 Oliver Original
SOMETIME (MCI_error, Oliver)
I'll be honest with you - I am not the biggest fan of Oliver's voice. I find him kind of muffled and hard to understand so I haven't been looking too much into songs for him. However I did come across this, a TEN MINUTE LONG Progrock epic which for the most part doesn't actually feature Oliver too heavily. He comes in for a verse or two and then fades out again. The music itself however is really well done and the melody is sort of infectious. MCI_Error has done a few other songs with Oliver as well that are worth checking out, although they all tend to be long. I was also fond of A Feast of Citizen.

SeeU_Arirang [techno dance ver.]
Arirang (GaGain, SeeU)
And might as well sneak some SeeU songs in here! A upbeat, dancey kind of song which really reminds me of the Korean dance music you'd find on DDR machines back in the early 00s. If you were a DDR fan (especially DDR 3rd Mix) this'll probably bring back memories.

[Vocaloid Miriam] Secret Space + mp3
Secret Space, (Puffihn, Miriam)
A sparse, minimalist electropop song that reminds me a little of the We Love Katamari soundtrack, particularly the song that plays while you roll up stars. It can be easy to lose Miriam's words in the backing music here, but either way the sound of her voice compliments the music well.

[Big Al] Pitch Black Refrain [VOCALOID Original Song] + VSQ
Pitch Black Refrain (MsConstantine91, Big Al)
A sort of ominous song with a catchy chorus. Big Al is in a deep register here and pretty intelligible too, although sometimes he can get a little lost in the backing music. Even comes with an animated PV! MsConstantine does some nifty originals as well as covers, so they're worth keeping an eye on.

One of the first Lola originals I heard, and the one that cemented Lola's character as a black woman in my head. She's not hugely understandable here and tends to swallow a lot of her words, but the song itself is pretty catchy and the lyrics are amusingly bizarre. The chorus can get a bit strange sounding, but the main verses show off her deeper voice nicely.

[Vocaloid Miriam] Sunset + mp3
Sunset (Puffihn, Miriam)
A sort of ominous electropop song in minor key with a soft, unfocused feel to it. Miriam's voice is smooth and pleasant, although she does have a tendency to blur her words here and there. I do love her backing chorus.

Bigswamp feat.LEON & LOLA - What a wonderful(Short ver.)【オリジナル曲】
What a Wonderful (Bigswamp, Leon + Lola)
This is so adorable. Just a catchy little dancey duet between the two of them with a lot of long notes. They sound fairly robotic (which is pretty common for them) but they're fairly understandable I think. I am epically biased when it comes to the V1s though.

[Bruno] 흔들리지마 넌 괜찮아 [Original/SelfCover]
흔들리지마 넌 괜찮아 (나이트리카, Bruno)
Bruno covering one of the composer's other songs (which I guess technically puts it under originals?). Features him singing in Korean and a bit higher than you usually hear him, ha ha. It's a cheery dancepop kind of song.

I only speak Konglish _ with Korean Subtitle
I Only Speak Konglish (GaGain, SeeU)
A cute hiphop-y song done with SeeU singing in English (as best as she can anyway). Surprisingly catchy and the video is also pretty cute.

[VOCALOID Original] Headline Love feat. Sweet Ann and Big Al
Headline Love (Koda-P, Sweet Ann + Big Al)
A heavy electronic song with a catchy hook and a pretty neat guitar solo. Sweet Ann is a little hard to understand at times, but Big Al is pretty clear. The file itself is mixed pretty high at times so it can be kind of loud.

【SONIKA + LUKA オリジナル曲】 I wanna go
I wanna go (NIYMORIY, Sonika + Luka)
Sonika and Luka are used for duets because they supposedly cover up for each other's weaknesses (Sonika blurring her phonemes together too much, Luka not doing it enough). Either way Niymoriy has done a few Sonika/Luka songs, which are all pretty nice. This one's a techno pop song with a kind of a sweet, inspirational message to it. I also liked another Sonika/Luka duet they did called X.

[시유/SeeU] 본격 시유 튕기는 노래
SeeU Gets Disconnected (상록수, SeeU)
A catchy electronic song that sort of reminds me of a boss battle in an RPG. SeeU struggles with her internet connection that keeps kicking her. It's a lot better when you read the lyrics.

[VOCALOID Original] Halloween Requiem [PV]
Halloween Requiem (Koda-P, Leon + Lola + Miriam + Big Al + Sonika)
A big Holiday group song that reminds me a little of Trick and Treat. Fun and energetic, although the tuning can vary between all the singers at points. Lola's understandable (although higher than I'd like) and Leon sounds a little muffled, but the biggest change probably comes at poor Sonika, who just can't enunciate very well. But understandability issues aside, it's a fun little song.

anaROBIK - my time Aquazoo project remix radio edit
My Time (anaROBIK, Lola)
Another dancey techno track with a simple hook and lyrics, but it works for me. Lola's also fairly understandable here, though she's not saying a lot. Lola tends to get a lot of techno songs with brief vocal interludes.

Hyperstudio_sonika and sweet ann
Hyperstudio (sasukeninjagal, Sonika + Sweet Ann)
A fairly standard techno song, with Sonika and Sweet Ann sort of hard to understand, but god I really love the melody to this.

Vocaloid SONiKA - Fade Away (original song)
Fade Away (TheIndisputed21, Sonika)
I feel sort of bad for Sonika since people hate on her a lot, but at the same time I can't deny that it is really hard to understand her most of the time. This song isn't really an exception to that, although it's easier if you follow along with the lyrics, but the melody of it is catchy enough regardless. Just fairly aggressive techno/dance music, with some bonus EQ editing trivia at the end.

Behind The Mask - shu-t 2008 Remix -
Behind the Mask (shu-t 2008 remix) (shu-t, Lola)
Lola doesn't show up in this very much, and when she does she's distorted to all get out so you can barely recognize her, but I love the base song so much either way. The synths remind me a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog, haha.

【Big Al】 Fr@cture 【VOCALOID Original Song】 + VSQ
Fr@cture (MsConstantine91, Big Al)
A more techno-y dance song with a slightly shaky Big Al, but the melody itself is pretty solid and it was their first original song, so I can't be too harsh on it, haha. Also comes with an animated PV!

Vocaloid Sweet Ann "Everything You Got"
Everything You Got (superbass1, Sweet Ann)
This is a slower electronic song, sort of 80s-ish I think. The instrumentation sounds a little midi-like, but the melody line isn't bad and Sweet Ann herself also sounds nice.


Hide and Seek - Vocaloid Miriam
Hide and Seek (Original by Imogen Heap/Cover by Puffihn, Miriam)
A cover of the infamous mmmmwhachasay song but a really good one. Aside from Miriam's accent sneaking in here and there, it sounds so much like the original. :O It's sort of amazing.

【PRIMAカバー】ホームタウン ドミナ【オペラ風】大百科
Hometown Domina (Original from Legend of Mana/Cover by Kefir-P, Prima)
I absolutely loved the soundtrack to Legend of Mana, so I was super excited to find this. I'm not quite sure where it fits, since this uses the base song from the game but adds new lyrics over it (in a language I can't quite identify). Anyway, Prima is so rarely used well or appropriately so this is just a delight on those grounds alone. Her operatic voice fits this song perfectly and she's tuned really well. The same user also has versions with Miku and the Kagamine twins but I like Prima's version the best. :B

Vocaloid BRUNO - Aquellos duros antiguos (tanguillo)
Tanguillo de Cádiz (Cover by Giuseppe, Bruno)
Giuseppe does a lot of quality covers of songs with the English Vocaloids and was heavily involved in the development of Bruno and Clara, so it's no real surprise he's focused on them now that they're out, ha ha. For those looking for a more traditional Spanish sounding song. All of his English/Spanish Vocaloid work is really good, so he's definitely someone to keep an eye on.

[Big Al] Friday [Vocaloid Cover]
Friday (Original by Rebecca Black/Cover by Azuralunar, Big Al + Kaito/Kiyoteru)
lol this is amazing.

Video Killed the Radio Star (Original by Save Ferris/Cover by Daifuku-P, Leon + Lola + Miriam)
An old cover but still one that I like. Lola and Miriam's accompaniment is a little soft compared to the loud/piercing robotic sound on Leon here, but it's still fun.

Vocaloid BRUNO & CLARA CHORUS Mas que Nada (portuguese)
Mas que Nada (Cover by Giuseppe, Bruno + Clara with Big Al and Sweet Ann backing up)
At least I'm pretty sure that's Big Al and Sweet Ann in the back there. A fairly famous song, and another example of the flexibility of the Spanish Vocaloids. Their voices all blend together really well here, especially Big Al and Bruno.

【BIG-AL】Dublin Jack of All Trades【MIRIAM・鏡音リンレン・巡音ルカ】
Dublin Jack of All Trades (Sasasa, Big Al + Miriam + Rin/Len + Luka)
A traditional Irish folk song which works for Big Al, who sometimes sounds like he has the oddest accent, I swear. The whole thing is pretty cute, and the PV is adorable.

【BRUNO】 Muñeco de trapo ~ Cover Acustico LODV 【VOCALOID】
Muñeco de trapo (Original by La Oreja de Van Gogh/Arrangement by Ian, Bruno)
A kind of melancholy solo ballad. The backing instrumentals are a little sparse, but it works well for Bruno's smooth voice.

[Vocaloid 3 - Bruno & Clara] Ponyo JP
Ponyo (Original from Ponyo/Cover by Jaleo360, Bruno + Clara)
this is so gd cute hnnnngh

Vocaloid SWEET ANN & BIG AL You and Me (duet)
You and Me (Cover by Giuseppe, Big Al + Sweet Ann)
A sweet duet between the two of them. Big Al sounds a bit steadier than Sweet Ann, but that could be her accent at work. It's pretty cute though and it's a good showcase for how their voices can complement each other.

Mask (Cover by Nya-P and Reo-P, Leon + Kaito)
I feel like I should know what this song is originally from but I don't, ha ha. Anyway, features a rare low-register Leon singing in Japanese, and he and Kaito's voices go together well together. Kaito has the stronger voice of the two in this, so it can be easier to hear him over Leon, but that helps cover Leon's weaker pronunciations. Either way you don't see too many duets with the two, which is a shame if they can sound this good together.

【BIG-AL】Scarborough Fair Canticleを歌ってもらいました[ルカ詠唱]
Scarborough Fair Canticle (Cover by Hatomatsulist, Big Al + Luka)
Big Al's accent makes some of the words sound a bit goofy, but it's still a nice rendition I think.

Covers where I'm just biased towards the original/are interesting to me for other reasons!

【CLARA】 Want You Gone 【VOCALOID3 Cover】
Want You Gone (Original from Portal 2/Cover by Kanon746, Clara)
This song goes around the English circles a lot for covers, but mostly this is a good example of what Clara sounds like singing in English. She still has a Spanish accent of course (which I think is adorable, haha) but she's pretty understandable all things considered.

Gymnopedie No.1 [Big Al/SweetAnn]
Gymnopedie No. 1 (Original by Eric Satie, Big Al + Sweet Ann)
Big Al :O If you've ever wondered what a soprano Big Al sounds like well here's your answer. A wordless vocal cover, both their voices sound steady and kind of haunting, even with Big Al singing unbelievably high. It's kind of hard to believe it's him, ha ha.

【CLARA - VOCALOID 3】Pestañas Postizas - つけまつける 【FANDUB】
Pestañas Postizas (Tsukema Tsukeru) (Original by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu/Cover by Teren00, Clara)
A cover of the earworm Tsukema Tsukeru, but with Spanish lyrics instead of Japanese. Still pretty earwormy, ha ha. Clara hits the cute moe ranges fairly well, although she can still get a bit squeaky.

Sweet Dreams / Eurythmics @ Sweet Ann & Prima (3DPV)
Sweet Dreams (Original by the Eurhythmics/Cover by zgock, Prima + Sweet Ann)
The tuning on this isn't great but it's really all about the video. It really adds to the whole experience.

Je te veux (I want you, おまえが欲しい)
Je te Veux (Eric Satie/Cover by Subana08, Sweet Ann + Miku + Rin/Len)
An wordless instrumental track, mostly, with the four Vocaloids harmonizing together well.

[Vocaloid] Duetos Extraños - Segunda Parte: Vasos Vacíos
Vasos Vacíos (Original by Vicentico/Cover by AlexTripSands, Bruno + Lily)
Now here's a duet I never expected. Bruno and Lily! So if you ever wondered what Lily sounded like singing in Spanish, here you go, haha. She handles it surprisingly well. An upbeat sort of bachata duet. The video's sort of amusing though, haha.

Vocaloid SWEET ANN Self Control
Self Control (Original by Laura Branigan/Cover by Giuseppe, Sweet Ann)
I liked the original song to begin with so I'm probably biased. But Sweet Ann sounds pretty clear and understandable here, and her accent doesn't come into play too badly, which can be an issue with her.
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