awkward turtle (amethyst_turtle) wrote in singing_robots,
awkward turtle


I am Stel's new replacement.

You may all commence offering tribute and bowing down at my feet-- I mean HEY GUYS THERE'S ANOTHER VOCALOID COMING OUT! That's right, and you'll probably recognize the voicebank provider: Kou Shibasaki. Yep, from galaxias!, that one. She also did a collab with DECO*27 before for her album Mukei Spirit.

Ahahaha yeah she's gonna be a private Vocaloid by Internet Co. Her name is supposedly going to be Galaco and official images of her design will be released on the 28th in Japan. They're basing her design off of what was used in galaxias!, so.

Aaand they're also selling Galaco earphone jacks I guess.

Also, does anyone have any news on what the hell happened to Lui? ¯\(°_o)/¯
Tags: turtle is not a professional at this sor, vocaloid: galaco
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