Weirdo the Abhorrent (jianna) wrote in singing_robots,
Weirdo the Abhorrent

Crickets and Tumbleweeds

Seriously I never know what's going on in the Vocaloid community anymore because this was my favorite source. Sobbu sobbu ;__;

Here's some Vocaloid news so this isn't just a useless whining post, Oliver has been adopted for use as the voice of Puppycat in Bee and Puppycat, by Natasha Allegri!

Check out the show sometime, it's glorious.

Also, Project Diva F is coming out in the US on August 27th and you can spend four real dollars to hang out with Miku on your iPhone with Music Girl Hatsune Miku. I bought it and I am only 80% ashamed. TAKE ALL MY MONEY, CRYPTON.

So, is anyone out there?

I miss you guys ;A;
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