Did somebody say weeaboo?

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Hello, I am here another 2 years later to just say how surreal it is that Miku Expo just announced a North American tour. Who would have thought this vocaloid thing would catch on to this degree? I sure didn't. It's kind of spectacular. To anybody out there who will see this, big thanks to this little community for helping me get into it all those years ago <3 <3
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I AIN'T DEAD (sort of)

Hi guys!!!

Following gianna's post I thought I should drop in to say I am actually alive, and that while my hiatus was out of my control I do sincerely apologise for up and vanishing on everyone in the blink of an eye. Since I'll be able to start keeping up with things again soon, I'd kind of like it if anyone still here would take a look at this comment, and leave any thoughts they might have under it. That includes stuff like whether S_R should move to a different blogging / community platform, whether you're willing to help with maintaining the place and gathering news, and other such random abuse.

Did somebody say weeaboo?

Crickets and Tumbleweeds

Seriously I never know what's going on in the Vocaloid community anymore because this was my favorite source. Sobbu sobbu ;__;

Here's some Vocaloid news so this isn't just a useless whining post, Oliver has been adopted for use as the voice of Puppycat in Bee and Puppycat, by Natasha Allegri!

Check out the show sometime, it's glorious.

Also, Project Diva F is coming out in the US on August 27th and you can spend four real dollars to hang out with Miku on your iPhone with Music Girl Hatsune Miku. I bought it and I am only 80% ashamed. TAKE ALL MY MONEY, CRYPTON.

So, is anyone out there?

I miss you guys ;A;
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Birthday Song for Miku by MitchieM

MitchieM starts off the birthday festivities for Miku a bit early and it's awesome. Luka and Meiko sound human, Rin is pretty fantastic, Kaito gets some love, and Len gets a gold star for showing up.

The PV is also the shiniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Birthday Song for Miku

【ミクさんの生誕5周年をリンレン達5人と祝ってやる】Birthday Song for ミク

(MitchieM, feat. Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, Meiko)

Also uploaded by Mitchie on Youtube.
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cillia and Ritsu (and others)

If anyone has been paying attention to the rankings, some songs have made a surprising reappearance. Good examples of this are niki's "-ERROR" and "+REVERSE," both sung by Lily. Or maybe one's noticed a surge of new songs covered by the UTAU Ritsu Namine, enough to start a matsuri with some being wonderfully tuned and human sounding.

One of the reasons for this is cillia, a 16 year old girl from California according to her Nico Account. (YouTube) She has become known for her use of Ritsu's newer voice bank, but she had also covered songs using Teto Kasane, Yuki Kaai, Lily, Yufu Sekka, and Len Kagamine. Her tuning of the voice banks is powerful, and she's releasing new songs often. She both creates UST and edits already existing ones. I can only be amazed at how nice UTAU sound now and how far they have come. There are many songs that I can't stop looping, and you won't here me complain about the increase in amazing UTAU songs from cillia and others.

At the time of writing this, the original "-ERROR" has been seen over 154,000 times on NND. cillia's cover with Ritsu has been seen 260,000 times, more than the original. The original "+REVERSE" has been seen over 83,000 times. The cover, over 116,000 times.

Enough introduction. On to the music!

【波音リツキレ音源】-ERROR 【UTAUカバー】

The song that started it all and took everyone by surprise. If you check the info, cillia posted a link to download a "corrected" version. (I have trouble telling the difference between the two.)

【波音リツキレ音源】+REVERSE 【UTAUカバー】

A few days later, cillia did it again with this song. This is one I can't stop listening to.

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~English/Spanish Linkdump

Hi! I really love the English Vocaloids (and the Spanish ones as well), but songs by them can be hard to find or easy to overlook. So I thought I'd post a linkdump of stuff I've found that I like so far! There tend to be a lot of covers from the English/Spanish side of things, but there are original songs out there too if you look, haha.

This linkdump will include songs by Clara, Bruno, Lola, Leon, Miriam, Big Al, Sweet Ann, Sonika, Prima, Oliver... pretty much everyone, even a bit of SeeU. Except poor Tonio, it's so hard to find people who can use him properly. I'll try to list original songs first, then go into covers and the like.

Más que Nada (CYO Style, Clara)
A nice smooth ballad with a midrange Clara that avoids the nasal twinge she can get sometimes. CYO Style has another song with Clara and Bruno I'll link to in a second and has mentioned wanting to do an album with/featuring them, so I'd keep an eye on them as a Spanish producer.

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Hopping in real quick to reassure everyone the community isn't actually dead - I've just been snowballed under heavy work and a house move that have left me with not much in the way of free time. Sorry! I'll be back to normal asap: in the meantime, I strongly suggest just setting this song to loop. Loop forever.


Yamada-kun (daniwell, Miku + Momo)

Edit: Or, you know, holy hells:

【初音ミク】お断りします REMIX【MOSAIC.WAV】

No Thank You (MOSAIC.WAV REMIX ver.) (satsuki ga tenkomori, Miku)
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Gakupo Ex... tend...

While we're at it - is this real? Good lord, everyone's getting an Extend nowadays.

I'm honestly very impressed with how natural some of the rises sound, but I can't get over how muddy it can be at the same time - often, simultaneously. This isn't my usual complaints about breathiness that everyone else can get over and enjoy - more a sort of thick nasal grunge at the back of his voice. Still, the midsection of the video sounds really good and I can't wait to see what producers will make of it.
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I am Stel's new replacement.

You may all commence offering tribute and bowing down at my feet-- I mean HEY GUYS THERE'S ANOTHER VOCALOID COMING OUT! That's right, and you'll probably recognize the voicebank provider: Kou Shibasaki. Yep, from galaxias!, that one. She also did a collab with DECO*27 before for her album Mukei Spirit.

Ahahaha yeah she's gonna be a private Vocaloid by Internet Co. Her name is supposedly going to be Galaco and official images of her design will be released on the 28th in Japan. They're basing her design off of what was used in galaxias!, so.

Aaand they're also selling Galaco earphone jacks I guess.

Also, does anyone have any news on what the hell happened to Lui? ¯\(°_o)/¯


I sincerely apologize for this dumb, one nico video link, but I feel like it must be addressed.

Now, anybody up in this comm remember Aoki Lapis? The ones they made pillows out of?

Original title: 【蒼姫ラピス】幻葬楽園【オリジナル曲】

This song, so much.

She sounds absolutely wonderful, despite my initial disliking for her soft voice. And when I checked out her tag, she surprisingly enough does have a good amount of original works from various producers. You can find her tag here: http://www.nicovideo.jp/tag/ラピスオリジナル曲

Thoughts? Comments? Anymore recommendations? Feel free to share as little or as much as you want.