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Mikupa 2012 Set List

With Mikupa 2012's first day having just wrapped up, that means it was the turn of the Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 to take the stage. Mikubook has you covered with a set list, while the Pay Per View is still allowing timeshifts of the event for US users here at $25 per event or $40 as a bundle for both.

So far I'm hearing that the biggest highlights included Kaito showing up(!) to perform Pane Dhiria, Luka doing Night Fever, and Miku doing a version of Gekishou to blow the stage away... not to mention all of the producers being delightful idiots.

Tomorrow is the Final 39s Thanksgiving Concert - again, the NicoNico page is here. In the meantime, I'm still eagerly waiting for some enterprising soul with a Youtube unrestricted time limit to post the event for a sneak peek; if you were watching and feel the need to gush, please do so in order for the rest of us to live vicariously through you.

... but where was Meiko. :|


- Youku has a video of Kaito's Pane Dhiria performance!
- Mikatan's blog has a whole bunch of high-quality pictures of the concert and sale goods.
- Someone out there is making gifs of the concert. Anyone know the source? I'd love to have more of these:

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